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Empowering healthcare professionals worldwide

Pathway organizes complex medical information to help clinicians be more efficient and improve patient outcomes.

We believe in improving human health and well-being by bringing people, knowledge, and intelligent technology together.

The problem

Health systems are facing unprecedented challenges

Inefficient workflows, constantly evolving best practices, and documenting care in the EHR forces clinicians to waste valuable time and energy. This leads to loss of revenue and poorer patient outcomes.


of doctors meet criteria for depression or burnout [2]


percentage of a doctor's day spent in the EHR or looking up clinical information [1]

101.2 billion

estimated waste associated to low-value care in the US alone [4]

73 days

estimated doubling time of medical knowledge this year [3]
why we're here

A story about the evolution (and future) of medical knowledge 

It’s currently not humanly possible for doctors to keep up with the amount of medical research and literature being published today. In fact, it would take a general practitioner more than 21 hours per day to remain up to date on primary care literature alone. Why? To answer that question, and explain why Pathway exists, we have to go back in time.

Medicine saw rapid progress in the 20th century as communication hugely improved between scientists around the world. Through publications, books, and conferences, they freely exchanged ideas and reported anecdotal findings. They stopped working in isolation.

Eventually, textbooks became the medium for scientists to record their findings and thus, the world’s medical knowledge. Fast forward to when medicine first came online—places like Google or PubMed then became the places to search for up-to-date medical information. At first, these tools were like magic. However, the sheer volume of content available online (with not much of it peer-reviewed) quickly created a new, bigger problem. And that’s where we are today.

Medical knowledge doubles every 3.5 years and is projected to double in just 73 days this year. What a doctor learns during their first three years of medical school will only amount to 6% of what is known a decade later. Clunky IT systems that make it hard to quickly access evidence-based information have led to physician burnout and medical error. All of this roots back to information overload and is the reason that healthcare professionals now have to spend more of their precious time painstakingly searching for the information they need.

That’s where Pathway comes in. We organize and condense medical literature to make gold standard information more accessible and digestible for clinicians at the point of care. We’re taking away the tedious work in order to give the meaningful work back to doctors.

No more disorganized information. No more searches through outdated systems.

Just reliable, high-yield medical knowledge for immediate clinical answers. All in one place.

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