Reimagining medical knowledge

Medical knowledge is a cherished treasure. But in the deluge of information and the grip of obsolete systems, its value is often obscured, hindering optimal patient care.

Feeling the weight of these challenges as clinicians, we decided to construct a solution to manage this immense body of knowledge more effectively.

We named it Pathway, symbolizing the journey towards progress in how medical information is accessed and used.


Your questions, answered


Our team unites dedicated clinicians, developers, and designers, each contributing their expertise to reinvent the way we access and utilize medical knowledge.

  • Jonathan H. St-Jean


  • Louis Mullie, MD

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Vince Roy

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Hovhannes K, MD

    Clinical Content Lead

  • Christophe Marois

    Tech Lead

  • Khudhur Moh, MD

    Designer | Editor | Developer

  • Aprajita Kush

    Medical Editor

  • Khalil Choucair, MD

    Senior TLDR Editor

  • Cole Philips, MD

    Senior TLDR Editor

  • Ashkhen G, MD

    Content Editor

  • Vivian K, PharmD

    Drug Information Pharmacist

  • Kavita Patni

    Content Editor

  • Jeremy Swisher, MD

    Senior TLDR Editor

  • Ketki R, PharmD

    Drug Information Pharmacist

  • Sam Kareff, MD

    Senior TLDR Editor


Yamaha Motor Ventures
Verge Health Fund
Amplify Capital

Individual Investors

  • Joshua Landy, MD

    Co-Founder of Figure 1

  • Moishe Liberman, MD

    Thoracic Surgeon at CHUM

  • Julien Martel, MD

    Co-Founder at LibreHealth

  • Louis Charbonneau, MD

    MD Urgence at CHUM

  • Jeff Hammerbacher

    Partner at Techammer

  • James Povitz

    Principal at NAventures

  • Alexandre Tratch, MD

    ER physician at CHUM

Join us and shape the future of healthcare