PhysiciansPractice includes Pathway in its roundup of new clinical guidance tools improving evidence-based care

At Pathway, we're working hard to lift some of the burdens of providing evidence-based care by offering physician-friendly, evidence-based clinical guidance via an easy-to-use AI-powered  platform. Pathway's point-of-care guidance tool provides easier access to important clinical information by using natural language processing and machine learning to streamline and automate manual research and analysis processes.

Today, a general practitioner would need to read 21 hours per day to keep up with all the latest research in primary care alone. Clinicians worldwide spend too much time and energy looking up clinical information, documenting care, and dealing with clunky IT systems. As a result, they have little time to keep up to date with constantly evolving best practices. Pathway understands their pain and takes clinical decision support to the next level with modern decision support workflows. Pathway's next-generation database and user-friendly software significantly decrease the friction associated with manual processes and give physicians reliable guidance — and more time back in their day. 

PhysiciansPractice highlights that "[t]he next generation of point-of-care reference tools is unique in that the tools operate as data companies, while other tools like UpToDate and Medscape operate more as traditional publishers. For example, Pathway's database understands the links between symptoms, diseases and treatments, given its unique and granular data structure. This 'Medical Knowledge Engine', as the company calls it, is what allows Pathway's system to display information contextually, and to provide a user experience that is up to par with modern standards."

You can read the full article here.

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