Pathway featured in MD+DI exclusive about the evolution of evidence-based medicine

In a recent article, MD+DI explores how big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving the evolution of evidence-based care. Pathway does this by combining big data and AI with an intuitive user interface to improve care and facilitate better patient outcomes. Pathway's knowledge base and software help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients more efficiently and effectively than traditional research methods.

With over 800,000 new medical studies published every year, healthcare professionals are over-burdened with ever-changing best practices. Pathway allows healthcare professionals to instantly access hundreds of point-of-care guideline summaries, key findings from landmark trials, clinical calculators, and more. And to make digesting this information easier, Pathway distills gold standard medical information using machine learning, natural language processing, and automation, in addition to human review and editing, to provide a more efficient knowledge base for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, every recommendation in Pathway contains a detailed evidence review, giving clinicians a quick and user-friendly overview of the quality of the evidence, with curated excerpts and links to the original text.

MD+DI points out that “[s]olutions like Pathway [...] couldn’t have come at a better time, as healthcare professionals are drowning in information, patients, and processes. The rate at which medical literature is being published, revised, and critiqued is too rapid for any single healthcare professional to keep up with. Traditional clinical decision support tools and healthcare delivery methods are neither streamlined, modular, or intelligent enough for the realities of our digital, post-COVID world.”

You can read the full article here.

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