Pathway co-founder Dr. Louis Mullie co-authors BMJ analysis paper on AI in bedside care during COVID-19

Dr. Louis Mullie, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Pathway, has co-authored an analysis paper in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) for bedside care during COVID-19 and future pandemics.

"AI can help us harness the power of data and support effective decision making processes. Its applications in medicine have been far-ranging, such as in pharmaceutical and genomic research. But efforts to integrate AI into everyday clinical care have had minimal success. This is despite the relatively simple nature of the problems at hand: optimizing patient trajectories, maximizing the use of existing facilities, or determining when and how to reallocate resources. In this paper, our team sought to understand how AI shaped the healthcare response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and identify learning opportunities to enhance its impact in the future." - Dr. Louis Mullie, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Pathway

Visit the BMJ to read the full version of the paper.

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