5 reasons why clinicians worldwide rely on Pathway

With over 800,000 new medical studies being published every year, it is nearly impossible to stay up to date on the most recent guidelines and trials. In fact, clinicians would need to read 21 hours per day to keep up with the latest research in primary care alone. Pathway is a new point-of-care reference tool that’s making it easier than ever to align with best practices. Here are five reasons clinicians worldwide are loving it.

Rapid Access

Reading a guideline or clinical trial takes a long time and is impractical in a clinical context. Pathway’s physician authors and editors painstakingly review, assess and summarize the highest quality evidence-based clinical information to give you condensed, accurate and reliable summaries that can be acted on at the point of care. The Pathwaymobile app makes it fast and enjoyable to incorporate the latest evidence into your practice — no more hassle or click fatigue. 

Easy Evidence Assessment

Pathway’s intuitive interface makes it easy to assess the evidence. Every statement is followed by a uniformly set color code and letter grading, with explanations for 300+ grading schemes. Quick search paired with an intuitive interface lets you find what you need easily and efficiently. Still in doubt? Consult the original guideline statement, and easily access the original text on PubMed.

Accurate Guidance

Pathway’s mobile-friendly interactive algorithms provide step-by-step and patient-specific guidance, reducing error and taking the complexity out of aligning with best practices. With access to the most relevant clinical information, you can easily consult sensitivity and specificity of findings when a diagnosis is under question and make confident decisions at the point of care. 

The Latest Research

You no longer need to consult multiple different notes, apps and source materials just to stay up-to-date. Pathway distills 100+ page guideline PDFs and all the key points from landmark trials, in an easy-to-read format that’s perfect for quick consultation at the point of care. With Pathway’s custom notifications, you’ll receive alerts for practice changing updates tailored to your specialty. Plus, all clinical information is available without an internet connection, so you can catch up on the latest clinical guidance anytime, anywhere.

All in One Place

Tired of googling the same guideline, pathway or landmark trial for the tenth time? Pathway is your one-stop source for quick searches of high-yield, evidence-based literature. You can easily find summarized information for guidelines, landmark trials, clinical findings, and more, all in one place.

What Clinicians Are Saying

This app is extremely useful for those of us who don’t have the time to sit down and sift through research papers for the most up-to-date information regarding disease states and therapies. The way the information is organized helps us find the information we want as quickly as possible. Furthermore, all of the recommendations are linked to the studies they were derived from, which makes us confident that the information we’re reading is trustworthy.

Overall, if you are a busy clinician who barely has any time to read articles, or if you want to access trustworthy information in a timely manner, then this app will definitely not disappoint.

- Javed G. BSP, Pharmacist, Sobeys Pharmacy

I found Pathway by chance when searching for articles related to the TOPCAT trial. I was impressed with how comprehensive Pathway is for diseases and studies. I can easily find information for any disease I want to read about, and catch up on all the updated information so quickly.

- Mansour A. Alharbi, Pharmacist

The information is laid out in a easy to read format. The updates are always applicable to the patients I regularly encounter.

- Derek Jensen

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