Enhance your software with clinical intelligence

Improve patient outcomes with better decision support and actionable recommendations through Pathway’s structured medical knowledge API.

Better data, better care

Enhance your clinical applications with Pathway’s structured and evidence-based medical intelligence API. Continually updated, summarized, and vetted by our editorial team.


Understand disease probability, convert between HL7 and FHIR-compatible terminologies, and leverage powerful data on disease-disease associations.

Clinical Findings

Track, categorize, and understand individual clinical findings. Get estimated likelihood ratios for any disease-finding association.


Find structured dosage, indication, and adverse events for labeled and off label uses. Get structured prescribing advice for pregnancy.

Patient Education

Fetch granular patient education information, composed of parts that can be selectively displayed  based on context, for a better user experience.


Serve structured and summarized guidelines from over 500 professional societies.

Landmark Trials

Gain a deep understanding of over 1000 landmark RCTs with structured abstracts and detailed statistical analyses.


Access a large library of structured clinical calculators, including  diagnostic and risk prediction calculators.


Generate structured graphs of clinical actions based on real-world data to create patient-specific pathways.


Understand authorship landscapes in specific disease areas and identify gaps in current guideline coverage.
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