Drive effective care within your organization

Leverage next-generation decision support to increase quality of care and improve your institution's bottom line.
Pathway medical app displayed on three different devices; iPhones and an iPad.

Empower your providers

Pathway is an evidence-based, EHR-integrated clinical decision support system (CDSS) that optimizes clinical workflows to deliver better patient care, capture more revenue, and reduce costs.

Support decision-making backed by trusted clinical evidence
Convert paper pathways, guidelines & protocols into actionable workflows inside your EHR
Streamline documentation, capture more revenue & reduce costs
Leverage our gold standard guideline library, or integrate your custom content for any need.
Powerful analytics to help safely reduce costs and measure return on investment.
Seamless deployment institution-wide with no IT requirements, or use of PHI.

Improve care delivery, and your bottom line

Realize savings and greater performance, while increasing safety and reducing risks, with intelligent decision support technology, backed by trusted clinical evidence.
Deploy as standalone app or through integration with your EHR
Document care with HL7/FHIR data standards
Web app compatible with all browsers, on phone, tablet & desktop
Leverage our vetted library of gold standard guidelines, pathways, calculators & more
Native mobile apps on iOS and Android
Convert your local pathways, guidelines and protocols into powerful software
A demo representation of the Pathway medical application on different devices (desktop and mobile).
the problem

Health systems are facing unprecedented challenges

Inefficient workflows, constantly evolving best practices, and documenting care in the EHR forces clinicians to waste valuable time and energy. This leads to loss of revenue and poorer patient outcomes.


of doctors meet criteria for depression or burnout [2]


percentage of a doctor's day spent in the EHR or looking up clinical information [1]

101.2 billion

estimated waste associated to low-value care in the US alone [4]

73 days

estimated doubling time of medical knowledge this year [3]

How Pathway works

Pathway’s decision support technology and structured, evidence-based data supports your case management, care management, reimbursement, and quality improvement goals.

Workflow Integration

Integrates directly within the clinican’s workflow through the EHR or standalone app.

Realtime Care Guidance

Provides realtime, actionable care guidance institution-wide.

Ensure Best Practices

Deploys orders according to gold standard guidelines and best practices.

Care Analytics

Captures the data needed for quality measures and reimbursement.

Rapid Documentation

Facilitates documentation to save time and maximize reimbursement.


Percentage of users who say they would be "disappointed" or “very disappointed” if they could no longer use Pathway.


Average rating of Pathway’s decision support technology.


Pathway’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)—higher than Amazon and Nefflix.
“ED leaders will find this app useful in helping them create their own guidelines for their departments and in their clinical quality meetings.”

Dr. Alex Mohseni, MD

Doc ApprovED
Emergency Physician, Editor @ Creative Health Labs
inclusion criterIA
BLOOD BAnk orders
risk stratification
“Pathway fills an unmet need for clinicians to have easy access to clinical guideline recommendations. The status quo alternative, which involves jumping through hoops to find guidelines and distill their essential message, is clearly suboptimal.”

Dr. Jonathan Afilalo, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University
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