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Panic disorder


Key sources

The following summarized guidelines for the management of panic disorder are prepared by our editorial team based on guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO 2023), the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP 2015), and the Anxiety Canada (AC 2014). ...
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Medical management

General principles: as per AAFP 2015 guidelines, individualize treatment order to maximize treatment success, and consider combining modalities as necessary.
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  • First-line therapy

  • Second-line therapy

  • Third-line therapy

  • Adjunctive therapy

  • Duration of treatment

  • Management of panic attacks

Nonpharmacologic interventions

Self-help strategies: as per WHO 2023 guidelines, consider offering stress management techniques, such as relaxation and/or mindfulness training, in adult patients with PD.

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  • Psychotherapy

  • Physical activity